320w Solar Panels Flighpower SP-320w

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Let solar energy into our lives
FOB Price: US$0.3/W
Solar panel :320 W (single crystal)
Open circuit voltage 37.4V
Operating voltage 31.8V
The short circuit current is 9.82A
The operating current is 9.43A
Product size 1640*992*40mm

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Product Details

1.Name: Portable solar panel 320W
2. Certificate:CE/TUV, TUV, ETL, CE, ISO
3. Panel Efficiency:22.7%
4. Use life:25 years
5. Product size 1640*992*40mm


6.Frame:Anodic Aluminium Alloy
7. Application:Industrial;home;commercial
8. high customer value
9. high reliability
10. high energy yield


Product Advantage

1, the use of high quality semiconductor material new class A five-gate line process 80W single crystal solar panel
2, the use of A class battery, each cell has A complete IV curve, conversion efficiency up to 22%
3, low light power generation performance, high temperature power generation performance is good
4, stable performance, slow decline, light weight, easy to carry
5, the use of anodic aluminum alloy frame strong light toughened glass good impact resistance
6, suitable for car battery, car, RV, boat, boat, aircraft, satellite, space station, outdoor breeding, planting, tourism, solar street lamp, etc
7, the use of light transmittance up to 93%, ultra-white low iron toughened glass, the highest can withstand 5400Pa snow pressure, can withstand 2400Pa wind pressure

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