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KOEIS is committed to providing efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions. We not only provide portable power supply products such as 1000W and 2000W, but also home energy storage products with larger capacity such as more than 5000W. We not only supply products, but also provide users with training and global services -- KOEIS provides comprehensive energy solutions, so that all users will not suffer from energy shortage at any time, anywhere!

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Founded in 2008, Flighpower is a supplier focusing on R&D, production and sales of inverter products and portable energy storage power sources. Committed to providing global users with new energy storage technology application solutions.

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  • 17/01 23
    In addition to the positioning of “camping artifact”, outdoor energy storage power supply is widely used in many life and work scenarios such as RV self-driving, family emergency, professional operation, mobile office, chasing light photography, and live broadcast power renewing due t...
  • 04/01 23
    Energy storage is the storage of energy. According to different forms of energy storage, generalized energy storage includes three categories: electric energy storage, thermal energy storage and hydrogen energy storage. Pumped storage is currently the highest installed energy storage route, accou...