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  • Advantages of home energy storage batteries

    First, the difference between photovoltaic and wind energy storage The essence of photovoltaic and wind power is to generate electricity, but the principle of power generation is not the same. Photovoltaic is the use of solar power generation principle, the process of converting solar energy into...
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  • Basic knowledge about outdoor power station

    In recent years, energy storage power supply plays an increasingly important role in power system. Before the energy storage power supply, the operation efficiency of the power system is very low. Now with the development of energy storage power, it can store electric energy in the power grid, th...
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  • In recent years, more and more people have begun to choose “outdoor activities” as a way of traveling. A large number of people who choose outdoor activities combine off-road and camping, so outdoor equipment has also developed rapidly in recent years. When it comes to camping, we hav...
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  • The rapid development of the energy storage battery market

    In the field of energy storage, regardless of the number of projects or the scale of installed capacity, the United States and Japan are still the most important demonstration application countries, accounting for about 40% of the global installed capacity. Let’s take a look at the current status...
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  • How should our families cope with the energy shortage crisis

    1. Global energy demand is gradually increasing In 2020, the demand for natural gas will decline by 1.9%. This is partly due to the change in energy use during the period of the most serious damage caused by the new epidemic. But at the same time, this is also the result of a warm winter in the n...
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  • Outdoor energy storage battery use experience and purchase guide

    Outdoor energy storage battery use experience and purchase guide

    For everyone, what’s the best to do in this season?  In my opinion, bring a portable energy storage power source for outings and barbecues. Every time you go out, you need to consider many issues, such as charging, lighting a barbecue, or lighting at night. These are all questions to consid...
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