Advantages of home energy storage batteries

First, the difference between photovoltaic and wind energy storage

The essence of photovoltaic and wind power is to generate electricity, but the principle of power generation is not the same. Photovoltaic is the use of solar power generation principle, the process of converting solar energy into electrical energy, through the electromagnetic field to convert electrical energy into electrical energy process. At present, there are two main ways of photovoltaic power generation: photovoltaic grid-connected. Photovoltaic grid-connected refers to that the grid-connected equipment does not operate after the photovoltaic power station is connected to the grid, but continues to work until it does not need to work or works below the position of direct sunlight. Energy is wasted if you don’t keep it long enough or work in a place where there is no solar radiation or shade. And the photovoltaic grid in direct sunlight does not need to generate electricity! Photovoltaic power can be connected to the grid in exactly the same way as wind power. So now many new household appliances have the function of photovoltaic power generation.AD

Second, the advantages of home energy storage

1, a wide range of applications: home energy storage technology can be applied to different occasions. At present, it can be used in residential communities, units, factories and other places. It is suitable for various places, such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls and so on. 2. Higher return on investment: It can be used as a backup power supply for household electricity, and provide power for household appliances in case of power failure. 3. Economical and practical: it can be used as energy storage equipment and household power generation device together, and other functions can be added according to user needs. 4. Avoid power outages and accidents: you can provide power protection for yourself, neighbors and customers by connecting the household power supply to the grid through the meter. You can also reduce the electricity bill by making the electricity consumption more stable and energy saving through the timed power supply. 5. Diversified needs can be met: energy storage system can be combined with electric vehicles, mobile Internet, big data applications, etc., to provide users with a variety of services.微信图片_202208032314146

Three, home energy storage needs to pay attention to what problems?

Home energy storage should be planned and designed scientifically to avoid potential security risks in the later period. First, the battery management system must be installed in advance to ensure reliable power supply. After the battery management system is installed, you need to periodically charge, maintain, and manage it. Battery is an important energy storage equipment, must be properly stored, safe use. If the battery has been stored outdoors for more than one month, some abnormal conditions may occur. Second, energy storage devices are usually charged without mobile phones, and batteries are only used when quick charging is needed. If the battery temperature is too high or abnormal conditions during charging affect the household electricity consumption after a period of use of home energy storage, you can timely contact the power supply company for professional maintenance and replacement. Third, as the weather gets hotter (especially in northern regions), home energy storage devices need attention to prevent fires and explosions.

Post time: Nov-01-2022