360W Solar Panels Flighpower SP-360W

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1. Solar panel – waterproof PET package, waterproof and dustproof, scratch-proof, long service life.
2. Factory direct supply, support customization.
3. Seamless lamination technology, the tempered glass is seamlessly attached to the battery without air bubbles.
4. Crystalline silicon cell module, A-level cell, high light conversion rate

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1.Product power, 360W
2.Open circuit voltage 44.6V
3.Working voltage 36V
4.Short circuit current 8.68A
5.Working current 8.26A

Solar Panels 360W

Product Advantage

Monocrystalline silicon
1. High transparent tempered glass protection: the outer layer is encapsulated with 3.2mm textured glass, with high gloss, anti-ultraviolet aging and beautiful appearance;
2. Good low-light performance and high conversion efficiency: The material is made of monocrystalline silicon original packaged positive A-level cells, which has good low-light performance, high conversion efficiency and stable output performance;
3. Each cell has a complete IV curve, the power generation efficiency of the same power increases by 5%, and the conversion rate is as high as 21% or more;
4. PET anti-aging backplane is light in weight and has good water resistance and sealing performance;
5. Pay attention to details, adopt thick aluminum alloy frame;
Low-carbon new life, adapt to various places;
6. High quality, service life is 25 years;
7. Solar panels, photovoltaic power generation itself does not need fuel, no carbon dioxide emissions, no air pollution, no noise.
8. Widely used in residential, commercial and public applications.

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