380W High Efficiency Poly Crystalline Sillicon Solar Panel in Stock

Short Description:

1. Not easy to oxidize
2. Support customization
3. Recycling
4. Energy saving and emission reduction
5. Stable performance
6. Transparent dots on the surface can collect sunlight from different places This unique return angle is enough to utilize sunlight and increase solar energy conversion rate
7. Matrix distribution of points may cause refraction twice to utilize sunlight to improve conversion rate

  • Open circuit voltage: 44.7V
  • Working voltage : 36.3V
  • Short circuit current : 9.35A
  • Product size : 1956*992*40mm
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    Product Details

    1.Product power, 380W
    2.Open circuit voltage 44.7V
    3.Working voltage 36.3V
    4.Short circuit current 9.35A
    5.Working current 9.25A


    Product protection system

    Overcharge protection
    Over discharge protection
    Overcurrent protection theory

    Over temperature protection
    Short circuit protection
    Overvoltage protection


    Product Advantage

    1. High light transmission tempered glass: the light transmission effect can withstand the impact of 5400pa wind and snow
    2. Anti-aging backplane: using coating passivation technology, good quality and good waterproof sealing
    3. Sealed waterproof junction box: sealed waterproof and anti-oxidation, good thermal conductivity, with diodes inside to prevent backflow and short circuit
    4. Scope of application: home solar power generation system, RV electricity (induction cooker, water heater, rice cooker, air conditioner, etc.), solar carport, solar sun room, offshore fish raft, water pump engineering, high-tech industries, etc.

    5. Production process: screening test - single welding - string welding - lamination - initial inspection - lamination - trimming - assembly

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