This portable power station is ideal for camping, backyard outings, and even outdoor work.

Meet the KOEIS POWER 1000w portable power station, a beer cooler-sized powerhouse that can power up to 2000W wherever you are. Whether you’re heading out into the countryside, spending a cool evening at the beach, heading out on a road trip, or taking your camera and drone with you to work or play, the KOEIS POWER 1000w portable power station  power source with an EV-rated LFP. batteries that provide consistent power no matter what your requirements are. It’s designed for outdoor use (and can be charged by solar panels), but it can even be used indoors during a power outage, making it the perfect way to regain energy independence so you don’t have to rely entirely on the grid. It also means being able to lower your electricity bills from time to time!
The 1000Wh power plant weighs (12.1 kg) and has built-in handles that allow you to load it in the trunk of your car and carry it almost anywhere. KOEIS POWER 1000w portable power station provides 10 different ports for charging/powering various devices, including 3 AC 110V ports, 3 DC 12V ports (including car socket), 3 USB-A ports (including one for fast charging 0 port for charging) and a 60W USB-C port, perfect for phones, tablets and even laptops。

Post time: Aug-17-2022