Are you still upset about the power cut?

Are you still upset about the power cut? Are you still bothering me with electricity outside? Are you looking for a large capacity mobile power bank to carry outdoors?
See come over! Mobile power supply pile, outdoor electricity does not panic!
Lasting power 1000 w, 1100 wh, using car batteries, level gauge, it is smaller than conventional batteries, long service life, outdoor power safeguard, has a variety of output way, meet all kinds of power supply equipment, equipped with AC, DC, USB, car charger, wireless charger and so on, provides the AC and DC output two different pressure modes, Good to meet all kinds of digital equipment and outdoor emergency power supply needs. Three fast charging inputs to ensure continuous outdoor electricity! Equipped with mains charging, solar charging, vehicle-mounted charging, plug in and charge anytime and anywhere

Post time: Aug-26-2022